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C#, IoC


Andrew Harcourt

Tonight: James May writes "Hello, World!", Richard Hammond cleans up the mess and Clarkson does some shouting. When most people first try to apply good OO design the wheels fall off as soon as their app starts to get complex. TDD, Mock of T, IoC, WTF? What are these TLAs, why should you care and where's that owner's manual when you need it, anyway? Most people are afraid of trying TDD and IoC because they don't really know what they're doing. In true Top Gear spirit we're not going to let ignorance prevent us from having a go, so sit back and watch us point a compiler in the general direction of France and open the throttle. In this talk we're going to introduce inversion of control from first principles so that it's not just an abstract concept but a real, "I finally get it" tool in your toolbox. We'll start with "Hello, world!" and finish by writing a functioning IoC container - live, in real-time and without a seat-belt - and you can take the code home afterwards and test-drive it yourself. In the right hands, IoC is a very sharp tool. Just don't let Clarkson drop it on his foot... *Actual Top Gear presenters may not be present. But it will be awesome anyway.